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The online presence has acquired over the years and, above all, over the last decade an absolute and, in many cases, vital importance in the strategy of all companies, large or small, intent on strengthening their image and business.

In general, a website helps promote the brand, offer information and services, interact with the public and expand opportunities. If the intention is to create a quality web project despite not having a high budget, what may seem like a stumbling block can easily be overcome considering the diversification of options that allow you to create a website at rather affordable costs.

Would you like to create an online showcase and do not need large resources? Oriented towards a cheap hosting, but still reliable and performing.

Table of contents:

  • Why is it essential to have a website?
  • Why is the choice of web hosting important?
  • Cheap Shellrent Hosting
    • Piano Hosting Linux Basic
    • Piano Hosting Linux Standard
  • How to choose a secure and performing web hosting

Why is it essential to have a website?

Nowadays, not having a website is basically equivalent to not existing.

The pandemic has given a vehement acceleration to the change in consumer habits and purchasing behavior, consolidating a trend towards digital that in fact was already in place even before the health emergency. We spend time finding information on the web, just as we choose to rely on online purchases, strong in the opportunity to live a fast experience and in total comfort.

Precisely for this reason, those who do not own a website have high, very high chances of being relegated to the margins of the market. In order for users to find you, get to know you and learn about the characteristics of your products or services, you must offer a tool capable of responding promptly and effectively to their needs. And this is where the choice of hosting becomes decisive.

Why is the choice of web hosting important?

First of all, it is important to know that web hosting represents the space hosted on a server in which all the elements (pages, files, images, databases) necessary for the creation and display of a website will be integrated. In simple terms, it is the land on which you are going to build and that will make your home accessible.

The purchase of a house is certainly important and includes several factors: it is necessary to evaluate its dimensions and characteristics (the number of bedrooms and bathrooms needed, the living space, the presence of garage or courtyard, the quality of the structure) and weigh everything considering the budget available.

The same criteria, obviously with due proportions, influence the choice of hosting. It is important to opt for a solution that has features and resources in line with your needs, including economic ones. With Shellrent, you can choose from a range of offerings that provide the performance and reliability you need to develop projects online even on a limited budget.

The choice of hosting slips under the magnifying glass several factors, whose evaluation is fundamental in order to provide a secure tool and that contributes to making the user experience optimal.

If shared hosting runs the risk of overloading the system with consequent impact on the performance of the website, our team is constantly engaged on the opposite front. In particular, Shellrent’s goal is to keep ecosystems lean to prevent page loading from slowing down to make the user experience negative.

Cheap Shellrent Hosting

Startups, small businesses or freelancers to carve out a space, and perhaps make their way in a fierce and constantly changing market, are called to undertake a path online aimed at defining the brand identity and consolidating their business.

Although you do not have large resources to allocate to the IT infrastructure, you can get valid solutions by opting for cheap hosting, but equally reliable and secure. Among these, we find our Linux Basic and Standard Hosting.

Piano Hosting Linux Basic

Our Basic plan is perfect for bringing your business to the web by giving it a top-notch storefront. With this cheap hosting you will get:

  • Domain included in the price of the first year plan
  • Unlimited space and traffic
  • 5 caselle email from 1GB
  • 1 database MySQL
  • PHP version 7.4
  • HTTP protocol in version 1.1
  • Weekly Backup

Piano Hosting Linux Standard

Scrolling through our offer we find Linux Standard Hosting, ideal for creating a website ensuring greater performance and reliability.

  • Domain included in plan price, for the first year
  • Unlimited space and traffic
  • 30 email accounts, each of 1GB
  • 3 database MySQL
  • MultiPHP, i.e. the versions up to the most up-to-date
  • HTTP protocol in version 1.1 and 2.0, the latter ensures additional speed and security
  • Weekly Backup

Discover Standard Hosting

If a project has growth prospects or starts to get traffic and numerous visits, the scalability of the hosting allows the upgrade of the plan to the next one, making a quick and easy upgrade procedure.

How to choose a secure and performing web hosting

As it can be easy to deduce, hosting greatly affects the security and performance of your website. In this regard, several studies converge in arguing that the attention span of a user does not exceed 5 seconds, an average that is drastically reduced (3 seconds) if we take into account Generation Z.With a site too slow and cumbersome in the loading phase, therefore, there is a risk of alienating the audience and probably business opportunities.

If you are looking for a web hosting that can host your WordPress site, e-commerce, blog or a simple online showcase, you will have to evaluate what features and functionality can offer your project maximum performance and security.

Shellrent was born as a hosting provider, so we propose ourselves with great versatility. Our offer includes:

  • Shared and scalable hosting, compatible with the most popular CMS on the market (WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, WooCommerce).
  • More complex infrastructures such as Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers and Private Clouds, ideal for guaranteeing high performance to structured projects.

Our services can be strengthened, depending on the needs, with a series of resources that recognize us as the first Italian hosting Security First, including:

Backup for web and mail

Our solutions provide weekly backup by default for data protection. However, by activating the additional services of daily backup hosting and mail, you can restore the data of the previous day and have a daily copy of your email accounts. In this way, you will be facilitated to recover the content that may have been mistakenly deleted.

Backup First Save. At any time, and in a few simple clicks, you can create a general backup of your site: this service allows you to restore your files and databases as soon as you need them.

SSL certificates. 

They give reliability both to the eyes of Google, which prefers sites with SSL certificates and promotes them with better positioning, and to users. There are free SSL certificates (Let’s Encrypt) that paid, often recommended for sites that process sensitive data. The encryption protocol behind these certificates ensures client-server protection of this data and information.

Disaster Recovery. 

With this resource, you can keep backups in redundant external storage and restore them quickly when needed. This is because the storage is replicated in real time in a different region in order to make your data always available. Disaster Recovery is, therefore, a highly reliable solution that allows you to always have your data available. This service, in fact, can be activated both with complex IT infrastructures and with Linux and Windows web hosting.

Convenient and intuitive service management

To ensure optimal management of all service-related activities, Shellrent provides a proprietary control panel, developed in-house: the Manager panel. From this area you will be able to:

  • Place purchase and renewal orders in a few simple clicks
  • Upgrade your services, increasing resources
  • View and download all invoices
  • Analyze statistics on services and resources used
  • Open support tickets to be supported by our team

The Manager panel is also ideal for Resellers, who have the ability to create dedicated access to end customers. Precisely for this reason, it will be provided in “white label” mode, giving the opportunity to customize URLs, logos, colors, footers in order to give exclusive visibility to your brand.


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